Tram Networks

Tram Networks

Yarra Trams Network (Victoria)

The application NeatStreets by PepperStack Global is the only mature enterprise-level SaaS (software as a solution) platform that can manage faults across wide coverage areas that can be mapped to complex organisational service infrastructure. It has an easy-to-use web-based report management (backend) interface and enables lodgement of GPS-based maintenance reports using hand-held devices through native mobile application interfaces.

The successful trial of NeatTrams branded application delivered the expected location accuracy in terms of fault-report routing to the correct processing authorities. Even though the trial aimed at finishing a general process of end-to-end fault reporting/logging in 2 minutes, results showed on average they were logged in 1 minute. The system was generally available to users with no complaint of system outage at any point.

NeatTrams real-time notifications and alerts reliably routed to the correct processing authority presents a real opportunity to decrease and eventually eliminate the need of time-consuming follow-up emails and phone calls in the current process. The platform has proven robustness to automate the routing of reports and ensure trackability.

Power Networks

Power Industry

Streetlight Fault Reporting at Essential Energy (New South Wales)

With over 150,000 streetlights serving councils across New South Wales within the Essential Energy network area, the reporting of broken or faulty streetlights helps to create and maintain a street lighting system that is reliable, energy efficient and safer for the community.

Essential Energy’s engagement with PepperStack Global and We-Do-IT has utilised the NeatStreets mobile app and NeatStreets web plugin fault-reporting tools which have together facilitated significant benefits for both the internal and external customers of Essential Energy.

By utilising the NeatStreets platform as a customer front-end to Essential Energy's streetlight fault reporting system, customer contact staff have experienced a reduction in workloads, with the removal of customer outage report double handling, allowing staff to devote more direct contact time to customers. Additionally, streetlight outages previously reported via back-end systems are now dealt with more quickly and accurately. Contact staff actively engage with external customers and recommend the use of NeatStreets Applications for reporting streetlight faults. According to Lea Morosin, Manager of the Essential Energy Contact Centre, the new reporting and response capabilities are a marked improvement for her staff compared to the previous system of streetlight fault reporting and management.

The delivery of the NeatStreets capabilities to Essential Energy was completed on time and within budget. Working closely with PepperStack Global and We-Do-IT, Essential Energy experienced an average of one-day turnaround responses from the NeatStreets development team, enabling an effective solution to be implemented in accordance with Essential Energy’s requirements.

In addition, a utility bill number based monetary compensation process is facilitated by the NeatStreets platform API, allowing customers to benefit from Essential Energy’s strict service level agreement for fault correction turnaround times.


Road Networks

Tollway Operations and Maintenance at PLUS (Malaysia)

PepperStack Global have been working with PLUS Berhad for operations and maintenance reporting across the 987 kilometre North-South toll expressway in Malaysia since April 2016. With an expert workforce of over 300 staff, supervisors and contractors (expert sourced) utilising the highly efficient and easy to use PLUSMORE white-labelled operations and maintenance reporting system for recording of evidence of incidents in real-time for immediate action and ongoing monitoring of rectification works.

Key features include:

  • Live In-App feedback between relevant department to reporters at the worksite.
  • GPS of report is auto-associated with geo-polygon at specific country, region and section levels.
  • Report subject is auto-associated with a department: 4-6 departments in each of 19 sections.
  • Relevant tiers within a department are notified: > 200 Operators notified on a need-to-know access-rights basis across the expressways.
  • Notifications to departments are by any one of email, push alert, or web service API direct to CRM/GIS/Asset software.
  • Report metrics are available to management (and executives levels) online by area and subject (e.g. accident, guardrail, pothole or amenities issues).
  • Live notifications to country, HQ, region, section, department-levels via real time algorithm.

By utilising the user-friendly mobile PLUSMORE white-labelled fault-reporting tool PLUS have been able to provide regular metrics to analyse trends and user experiences over large distances whilst travelling across the backbone of the west coast of the Malaysia peninsula which links several major cities and towns.

Port Adelaide Enfield

Local Government (SA)

Enhancing Customer Services (South Australia)

The City of Port Adelaide Enfield prides itself on its customer service and is always looking for ways to make it easy for our stakeholders to deal with us.

NeatStreets has been embraced by our community as a quick and reliable method of notifying us of improvements we can assist them with.

There are numerous methods and applications that can be used to report service requests but NeatStreets is the one that is preferenced by the City of Port Adelaide Enfield community. The service offered by Neatstreets is valued by Council and it fits neatly into its existing work management processes.

Neighbourhood Watch

Community Partnership

Community Engagement at Neighbourhood Watch (Victoria)

NHW Victoria is using the NeatStreets service delivery platform and associated apps to empower our members to report damaged and defaced NHW signage and to create a digital catalogue of all our signage locations.

NeatStreets – like Neighbourhood Watch – is a ‘people-powered’ monitoring network.

NeatStreets has opened our eyes to endless possible ways to use the platform, from crime prevention through to vertical living facilities management.

Central Goldfields Shire

Local Government (VIC)

NeatStreets API Integrated Solution for better Customer Response (Victoria)

Central Goldfields Shire has found the integration of Neatstreets with our Asset management system to be very effective it has improved our response time to public request while reducing customer service time as the public do not need to call or visit the shire office.

Our commitment to customer service requires that all request are followed up to the requester with details around what the outcomes were, this does rely resident leaving the appropriate contact information. Neatstreets has been quite reliable, the only time we have had unforeseen disruptions is following updates from either end of our integrated service, this can lead to disruption of the request automatically populating into our assets system, this does require some increased collaboration between Council Neatstreets and our asset system provider Asset master (Open Office). Customer support from Neatstreets has always been prompt and courteous with issues generally rectified within the day of it being raised.

Mayor - Alice Springs Town

Local Government (NT)

Mayor of Alice Springs (Northern Territory)

I use Neatstreets regularly and encourage our Community to download it free so as to advise services when things need attention so that our Council can react quickly. Neatstreets reports are reported in our Council papers every month.

It is a great product and I encourage other Council’s to try it.