Using the NeatStreets Mobile App for Community Safety

NeatStreets is a highly effective way for you as a member of the community to notify authorities of obstructions, faults, or damage to asset infrastructure anywhere across the country and be kept informed of progress.

Our focus is to keep you informed of progress 'in-app' until your reported problems are fixed!

Check out our explainer clip from our Home page or on Youtube here

It's fast. It's accurate.

Using the app you can report problems showing photographic evidence, adding comments, and confirming your location - all in under a minute. We do however, suggest that you take the time to make sure the information you submit is as informative as possible to help authorities respond effectively.

The app is free to use on iOS and Android mobile platforms.

For app download and installation links via this site, please visit our home page. Alternatively, you can download it for Android from the Google Play store here and for iOS from the App Store here

How do we keep you Informed?

Your reports are sent to our own unique ‘location-to-agency’ mapping service, where they magically connect to the appropriate agency for resolution.

Our focus is to encourage all the agencies dealing with the maintenance of public assets and amenities around the country to provide us with feedback on your reports, (such as progress and closure) through one of several methods:

  • Using the NeatStreets developer API for electronic feedback
  • Using the NeatStreets online Management Portal
  • Or just by email reply
The agency's response will be relayed back to you to give you a sense of progress.

Just take a look at some of the major organsiations that are on-board with our service and take a look and what they have to say from our Testimonials page here.

If you know your problem was fixed before we told you, we encourage you to let us know by pressing the ‘Fixed!’ button on the app. We will relay your appreciation back to the authority and also tweet the fix on @NeatStreetsNews

Your reports can be viewed on the app or on this site.

NeatStreets is powered by PepperStack Global. PepperStack Global is focused on building technology ‘eco-systems’ for the community.

What Problems Can Be Reported?

Faulty streetlights, near-miss traffic incidents, hazards, obstructions, litter, potholes, abandoned trolleys, whatever it is, we will manage your reports through our relationships with councils, state governments, utility providers, telecommunication companies and even supermarket chains!

We have taken seven years of report data on geo-located public infrastructure faults from you, the reporting community, analysed it, and created a brand new and unique category super-set that is now available for you to use from this app.

The new category-set allows you to effectively communicate with the correct authority for just about any public infrastructure fault-type. The goal is accurate, effortless, and responsive reporting.

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What about Privacy?

Even if you register with us we will not relay your details to the destination authority unless, of course, you want us to do so.

Be sure to refer to our Privacy Policy for more details about how we handle your personal information.

What are the other Benefits?

NeatStreets provides a totally unified way of reporting issues that concern the community right across the country. All your reports will be managed 'in-app'. They are also designed to be retrievable from our server at anytime so you'll never lose them!

Every time you view them, their current status is available to you. This way you can monitor how your reports have progressed until they are closed by you or the authority.

Remember that if you are not seeing progress, you can leave a comment saying so, and the comment will be relayed back to the correct authority. Failing that, you can always contact us here about it.

We sincerely hope you love what we are trying to achieve. Happy reporting!